Weight Loss Program

Care Station’s Advanced Weight Loss Program

What do you have to lose?


We are not offering some gimmick meal plan.  We have a comprehensive medical team with experienced dieticians that personalize plans for each individual.

Our weight loss program offers:

  • Comprehensive bloodwork
  • Nutritionist consult
  • Different diagnostic tools such as ultrasound imaging to identify causes of obesity and potential complications
  • Cardiac testing
  • Medications tailored to patients conditions and preferences regarding treatment of obesity

Our weight loss program is designed to treat obesity for long term. This is why we incorporate several different treatment modalities on a proactive basis.

What is obesity?

The definition of obesity is not merely restricted to a certain number on the scale.

Trends for obesity are increasing in the United States at alarming rates, resulting in a sequela of other medical conditions. This includes the development of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and other metabolic changes in one’s body.

Weight Loss Medicine

Weight gain can be caused by slower metabolism and hormonal changes which are responsible for feeling hungry and full. Studies have shown significant weight reduction with the treatment of these metabolic changes.

After careful review and assessment, patients in our weight loss program are considered for weight loss medicine*, which can help to treat these hormonal fluctuations.

*subject to insurance approval


Patients enrolled in our weight loss program undergo a comprehensive work up including being tested for thyroid disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, and liver disease.


Our patients receive monthly consultations with a nutritionist on site. Patients learn the value of calorie counting, meal planning, and healthier food options tailored to their medical conditions.

Ultrasound imaging

Due to our focus in proactive medicine, we prioritize patient health by testing for heart and liver disease through ultrasound imaging, all done on site.

Cardiac Stress Testing

The role of stress testing is important because it helps to test for blockages of the heart, a form of heart disease which is often regarded as a “silent killer.”

The Care Station Difference

Where we treat more than a number…we treat YOU!

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