Manik Singh, MD

Meet Dr. Manik Singh

Office Locations: Springfield, Linden, West Orange

Q&A with Manik Singh

  • Q: Tell us about your background as a doctor.
    A: I started this long journey of medicine back in 2002. I attended medical school at Ross University of Medicine. After completing my medical school training I started my internship and residency in family medicine at RWJ Somerset Medical Center. I developed a passion for sports medicine and decided to attend a fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Q: Why did you choose to become a doctor?
    A: In my high school years I attended a medical program where we learned about medicine and I had my first experience with a cadaver. I enjoyed the science behind medicine and understanding the inner workings of the human body. As my passion for this field grew, I realized that helping and healing people was equally satisfying.
  • Q: Why did you choose to practice in an open access primary care practice?
    A: Primary care has always been a passion of mine since it is an art where we as providers are able to treat patients from head to toe and have continuity of care with them. We are able to treat for both acute and chronic needs. In regards to Sports Medicine, it is more goal directed towards acute musculoskeletal injuries and chronic joint pains.
  • Q: What unique skills do you possess?
    A: I have a certificate of added qualification in sports medicine. This allows me to treat patients with musculoskeletal injuries in a non-surgical fashion. I perform injections using ultrasound guidance for accuracy of needle localization. I have accreditation in musculoskeletal ultrasound medicine and use that tool to diagnose injuries on an immediate timeline. In the office we apply casting for fractures, splinting and application of durable medical equipment.
  • Q: Describe your day to day activities, priorities and tasks. What do you like best?
    A: My day involves treating patients for their acute and chronic musculoskeletal needs. I enjoy patient follow up visits where our treatment protocol has resulted in improvement in their function and we have safely returned them to their activities of enjoyment.
  • Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of?
    A: The accomplishment in medicine that I am most proud of is mastering the art of sports medicine in the primary care setting and honing my skills in ultrasound guided imaging to accurately treat and diagnose patients.
  • Q: What are the key challenges of this field of medicine? How is it changing?
    A: The struggle in outpatient medicine is the constant change in regulations. The plethora of paperwork and documentation that is required to be performed on each and every patient is grueling. The process is constantly being fine tuned and changing where eventually we may have an electronic health record patients can take with them which will allow for accuracy and expedited care for both the provider and the patient.
  • Q: If you couldn’t be a physician, what would you be doing?
    A: I enjoy playing tennis and sports in general. If I wasn’t a doctor I would strive to be a USTA ranked tennis player.
  • Q: What makes working at Care Station special?
    A: Care Station is a unique practice and has many facets which make it special. We are a primary care facility who take care of variety of patients for both acute and chronic conditions. We specialize in occupational medicine, urgent care medicine, primary care medicine and my particular favorite, sports medicine. The staff in our offices are all kind, caring and provide a very smooth workflow in the office environment.
  • Q: Why should patients choose Care Station for their primary care?
    A: Primary care medicine is essential for all patients to develop and create an appropriate health record. Care station is the perfect place to establish this for each person. We have on site diagnostic imaging and a fully functional lab facility to accommodate all patient’s primary care needs. All providers at our facility are fully trained in primary care medicine. We use an electronic health record to expedite prescriptions for each patient. We have a wonderful support staff who are all educated in the medical field and willing to help the patients and providers to accomplish a great experience for each and every person.
  • Q: Tell us a little something about yourself.
    A: I have a large family who I love and care for. My wife has supported me throughout my medical career and I love her dearly for that. My children make me proud each and every day and nothing beats coming home from an egregious day to their wonderful smiling faces.
  • Q: How do you like to spend your free time?
    A: I enjoy playing tennis and golf. I enjoy woodworking projects with my daughter and recently made a dollhouse with her. My family and I enjoy traveling as well and try to spend our free time in adventurous locations.

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