Reema Aljamal, MD

Meet Dr. Reema Aljamal

Office Locations: West Orange

Q&A with Reema Aljamal

  • Q: Tell us about your background as a doctor.
    A: I graduated from an unopposed Family Medicine residency program at Hoboken University Medical Center, after graduating from Atlantic University School of Medicine in Saint Lucia.
  • Q: Why did you choose to become a doctor?
    A: I wanted to help people and promote good quality healthcare.
  • Q:Why did you choose to practice in an open access primary care practice?
    A: Increased physician availability and accessibility allows for enhanced continuity of care, which leads to improved clinical outcomes for our patients.
  • Q: What unique skills do you possess?
    A: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, and I have always had a keen interest in mental health. This has helped me better empathize, as well as identify and understand patients’ psychosocial issues and needs, which greatly contribute to their overall health. Mental health is intertwined with physical health, and both must be taken care of.
  • Q: Describe your day to day activities, priorities and tasks. What do you like best?
    A: I tend to make a lot of to-do-lists and outline my plans for the day, which help me manage my time and stay organized.
  • Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of?
    A: I am proud of becoming a physician and being privileged to contribute to the betterment of society’s health.
  • Q: What are the key challenges of this field of medicine? How is it changing?
    A: So many challenges! Simultaneously providing patients with education, quality care and accessibility in an efficient manner to reduce healthcare disparities, while also keeping up with constant new medical research, new guidelines, changes in the overall healthcare system, as well as being empathetic and clinically effective in a way that improves patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes – all in a day’s work – is probably the biggest challenge.
  • Q: If you couldn’t be a physician, what would you be doing?
    A: I would probably be in counseling psychology. I was interested in marriage counseling before I chose medicine.
  • Q: What makes working at Care Station special?
    A: The team at Care Station and their office culture. They are very welcoming, responsive, and eager to help.
  • Q: Why should patients choose Care Station for their primary care?
    A: Because Care Station Medical Group is awesome! We aim to provide excellent services, as well as great accessibility to healthcare; the facilities are open until later hours, on weekends and most holidays. Patients are able to walk in or schedule appointments in advance to see their primary care physician. They will receive the care they seek, and have access to multispecialty subgroups within Care Station, should they need further specialized care.
  • Q: Tell us a little something about yourself.
    A: I am the middle child of one of five siblings, and I’m the family favorite.
  • Q: How do you like to spend your free time?
    A: I spend a lot of my time reading things related to random topics like history, current events, literature. But I’m still terrible at trivia.

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