Asthma Treatment

When discussing asthma treatments, you are either talking about long-term management plans or recovering from a severe asthma attack.  Regardless of what situation you’re in, Care Station Medical Group can help.

If You Are Having An Asthma Attack:

Go Directly to the Emergency Room If: You are unable to talk, walk or stand. Or the color of your face is deteriorating.

Head to a Care Station Urgent Care If: You’re experiencing mild coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, or shortness of breath.

Our trained medical team is trained and ready to help anyone who walks in and is experiencing an Asthma attack.

For long-term care and planning related to asthma, our Primary Care physicians are here to establish a relationship with you. We look to understand your history, activity, and reactions you’ve experienced to create a maintenance and emergency plan for you.

Come in and experience the Care Station Difference as it related to Asthma Treatment in NJ.

Have questions? Let us help!