Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is so common in the United States, that recent research says over half of all adults deal with neck or back pain.

Back pain can come on slowly over time due to bad posture, weight gain, or other conditions that you were able to manage over time. Many times the pain is due to a specific occurrence or injury. The examples for this are so many it can’t be on a list, but some common areas are car accidents, sports injuries, lifting improperly, and work injuries.

Our unique clinic has the ability to help in a variety of ways.

  • Urgent Care for back pain: If you’re dealing with a condition that is impacting your ability to move, have numbness or weakness in your legs, or sudden loss of bladder control along with back pain and you should be seen right away.
  • Primary Care for back pain: If you need a long-term back pain management plan, our Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are here to help.
  • Sports Medicine: If you were hurt while playing sports, and need a recovery plan to get you back on the field/court contact us to help.
  • Hurt at Work: If you’ve been injured at work, our Occupational Health team will work with your human resources department to ensure you get the care you need, without the worry of having to pay for treatment.

Our medical team is here to help you get back to feeling your best as soon as possible. Contact us today to experience the Care Station difference!

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