It is common for people to experience scrapes and cuts while living life. But what should you do when the injury is more serious than a standard boo-boo?

  1. If you experience a deep cut you should evaluate a variety of factors to determine if you need to be seen at an urgent care clinic.
    How did you get the cut? Was it a clean object like a knife, or a rusty nail that was sticking out of something? The dirtier the object, the more likely you are to obtain an infection in the wound.
  2. How deep and long the cut is. If it is a half inch or less, it is likely with enough pressure that it will heal just fine on its own. Sutures or stitches may be required based on the length and depth of the laceration.
  3. Are you able to stop the bleeding? After cleaning the injured area, apply pressure and elevate the area above your heart level. If the bleeding is persistent, and cannot be controlled, you should promptly seek medical attention.

If the wound was directly related to an animal bite or rusty metal, you may need specific treatment depending on your immunization history.

Our team is available seven days a week to help ensure a sudden laceration is treated properly to avoid infections and help you heal as quickly as possible.

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