Pre Operation Clearance

Chances are if you are scheduled to have surgery that the surgeon wants a pre-operation (or Pre Op) exam.  It may seem like an extra step to the entire process, but it is an invaluable step in ensuring you are healthy enough and strong enough to put your body through the stress and recovery that comes with surgery.

There is a risk of complications in every surgical procedure.  Your risk for these complications largely depends on your overall health.  This pre-op exam assists surgeons in minimizing risks and ultimately protecting you.

After the pre-operation exam is completed you and the surgeon will have the information to feel comfortable with moving forward, or if steps need to be met before a surgery can take place.

When Should You Have The Pre-Op Exam?

Generally speaking, anywhere between 7-30 days prior to your surgery date.  Having a minimum of one week before the surgery should allow all test results to be determined in time.

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