Urgent Care: 4 Reasons to Visit

Published On: May 28, 2019Categories: Uncategorized

Did you know that the top five diagnoses given in urgent cares in 2016 were from complaints of acute sinusitis, cough, fever, acute pharyngitis, and acute upper respiratory infections. Luckily, the days when you had to sit in an emergency room lobby for hours on end waiting to be seen are long gone.

Emergency rooms can now be for people who are in a dire life or death situation, instead of the above illnesses being treated there as well. There are quite a few reasons that people trust and go to the doctors at the urgent care over the emergency room today. Read on below to find out what a few of those reasons are.

The Hospital is Simply to Far Away

When it comes to healthcare solutions, you don’t want to have to drive miles to your emergency room, when the urgent care is within minutes of your home. Even if you have an awesome hospital in your area, it is possible that it’s just too far away for you to go to easily and comfortably.

Your Condition Isn’t Dire Enough for the Emergency Room

Going to the emergency room is usually reserved for very serious conditions, such as gunshot wounds, heart attacks, and car accidents. If your condition isn’t serious, such as you are suffering from a fever, cold or other non-emergency issues, it’s best to head to the local urgent care clinic for treatment instead, where the doctors are waiting to attend you.

It’s Much Faster

No two ways about it, going to an emergency room can involve sitting all day long at times. Emergency rooms take the sickest first, which means if you have a migraine and someone else comes in from a car accident, the car accident victim will be seen first. If you feel your condition really isn’t bad enough to head to the emergency room, but you need relief, then head to the urgent care in West Orange instead for treatment. Most urgent care centers can have you in to see a doctor and out in as little as 30 minutes. They will tell you if your condition is bad enough to be taken to the emergency room as well.

To Save Money

If you have ever been to the hospital, then you already know the bill can be astronomical when you receive it in the mail. Sure, your insurance may cover part of it, but it’s not going to cover it all. Remember, however, this is on a case by case basis and the pricing will vary according to what is wrong with you.

These are just a few of the top reasons that you should see the doctors at your local urgent care in Elizabeth, NJ for treatment instead of going to the emergency room if your condition isn’t dire. You’ll be seen faster and save money as well, while still getting excellent care in a quality setting.