3 Effective Strategies To Avoid The Flu

Published On: February 3, 2020Categories: Uncategorized

Another year means that another flu season is upon us. It seems like no matter where you turn, you cannot escape the haze of other people’s coughing and sneezing. With cold temperatures and unpredictable weather, winter is the breeding ground for countless germs. Take care of yourself and your loved ones by keeping them safe, healthy, and flu-free this season by following these tips.

  • Wash Your Hands. Any medical professional would agree that one of the best ways to combat contracting illnesses is to wash your hands. Though it sounds simple enough, frequent and proper handwashing is your first line of defense. Proper handwashing includes five steps: wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry. Wet your hands with warm water, apply soap and lather it, scrub your hands, including in between your fingers and under your fingernails, and — finally — rinse and dry them. Always make sure to wash your hands before and after eating or if they are visibly dirty.
  • Treat Early Symptoms. Take advantage of healthcare services near you and consult a medical professional if you start experiencing any flu-like symptoms. These early symptoms can include fever, aches, fatigue, nausea, and nasal congestion. The earlier you can recognize these symptoms, a doctor can quickly and more effectively treat you. Getting to a doctor’s office as soon as possible and getting treatment will put you back on track and have you feeling better quickly. A primary care physician can prescribe anything from over-the-counter to prescription medication to prevent your symptoms from getting worse.
  • Get A Flu Shot. The most effective way to prevent getting the flu is to get a flu shot. The flu shot, when distributed by a medical professional, is accessible at most pharmacies, your primary care physician’s office, and urgent care locations. The CDC suggests everyone six months old and older should get a flu shot every year. This procedure is quick, affordable with most insurances, and prevents the flu from spreading.


As this winter progresses, make sure that you are taking care of yourself and doing what you can to prevent the flu and other illnesses. By taking small steps yourself, getting the flu shot, and discussing healthcare solutions with a medical professional, you can keep yourself in good health.