How to Stay Safe During Halloween This Year

Published On: October 1, 2020Categories: Uncategorized
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Between the delicious candy, scary movies, and endless opportunities for creativity, it’s no wonder that Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. However, there are some aspects of Halloween that we always take precautions against; parents are always on the look-out for drunk drivers and many more fear the cavities that too much candy can cause. There have been more than a few calls to the local walk-in urgent care on Halloween night. Like most holidays, a balance of fun and safety has to be struck.

This year, we have a few more concerns to watch out for. The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting communities across the country and the social aspects of Halloween could put many more people at risk. Even if you’re getting tested for the virus at a walk-in urgent care, it can take more than a week for symptoms to start showing when you contract the virus.

In fact, the CDC has explained that traditional Halloween activities can be a serious conduit for spreading the virus. Traditional trick or treating has been discouraged and attending your classic Halloween costume party is out of the question. While we all strive to be safer, we’ll have to make do with celebrating our favorite holidays in different ways.

After all, healthcare services explain that the longer you spend with other people, the more likely you are to contract the COVID-19 virus. When you want to stay safer this Halloween, here are some of the best things you can do to avoid catching COVID-19.

Modify your trick or treating habits

Traditional trick or treating is out of the question this year. Doubling back to your favorite house, trading candy with your friends, and diving into a big candy bowl all have the potential to spread COVID-19. Since kids aren’t the best at washing their hands, the risk is increased even more.

The best way to trick or treat this year will be relying on your neighbors to set out individual bags of candy on the doorstep. You’ll have to trust that your neighbors washed their hands beforehand, but you can always disinfect the candy wrappers when you get home. Unfortunately, in some communities, trick or treating might be impossible. After all, you can’t monitor your neighbor’s habits and ensure that every single one is following CDC guidelines. The best thing you can do is talk to a few trusted neighbors or family members to ensure that your child has safe places to visit when the 31st rolls around. The last thing you want to do is go into a walk-in urgent care on your favorite holiday.

If you’re trying to go trick or treating outdoors, you should also go in one direction: no doubling back allowed. This will ensure that you’re coming into contact with as few germs as possible and get you back inside faster.

If you’re not willing to take the risk, you can further modify your trick or treating habits. Parents are relying on Easter egg hunting tricks by hiding candy around the house. You can make it a scavenger hunt with clues or pit siblings against each other to achieve the top prize (like a full bar of candy). While this isn’t as fun as traditional trick or treating, it’s a great compromise with the threat of COVID-19 looming overhead.

Hold a virtual/socially-distant costume party

One of the best parts about Halloween is showing off your creative costume. Unfortunately, getting together with friends in large groups is strongly discouraged during this pandemic. Instead of getting together indoors, the CDC recommends celebrating outside where you can stand six feet apart from your friends. This will ensure the proper airflow to prevent the virus from spreading as easily. Just be sure to wear your mask when you’re not eating to stay even safer.

Better yet, holding a virtual Halloween contest will eliminate the risk altogether. Grab your favorite drink and judge each person’s costume one after the other. This will give all of your friends the opportunity to show off, which might make it even better than you’re average costume party. Have fun using cool zoom backgrounds to make the event even better. Keep in mind that you can always give the winner of the costume contest their prize at a later date.

Nothing beats spending time with friends, but you don’t want to have to visit a walk-in urgent care clinic when you’re trying to have fun. Be safe and make smart decisions. If you do have a socially-distant party, choose to stay home if you’re feeling sick. Visiting a medical professional for advice is essential, even if you’re not displaying the most common COVID-19 symptoms.

Indulge in a movie marathon at home

Not everyone wants to be active this Halloween. If you’re nervous to go outside, there’s no shame in staying indoors — in fact, it’s encouraged! Load up your favorite scary movies and indulge in some of your favorite Halloween treats to make it even more festive.

Like most things, Halloween will look a little different this year. As we all strive to overcome the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, engaging in safe Halloween practices is the best way to stay healthy. Rely on these tips to make the most of the Halloween season and be sure to rely on your local walk-in urgent care for help.