Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Physical

Published On: February 8, 2021Categories: Uncategorized

Everybody knows about the importance of checking in with your healthcare provider when they are feeling unwell. But a trip to your doctor when you are healthy is a less obvious decision, but equally fundamental. An annual physical is one of the numerous ways to maintain good health and prevent fatal ailments. The exam includes a general physical assessment, urinalysis, blood tests, cancer screening, and other checks your doctor considers necessary.

If you are thinking about skipping your next physical exam, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider that decision.

1. It Allows You to Have a Reference Point

On top of detecting unidentified health issues in their early stages, yearly check-ups give you a baseline. Seeing your medical professional when you’re healthy helps them establish your heart rate, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. Once your doctor gets a reference point, they will easily trace any abnormalities.

It is advisable, to be honest about any drugs you are using, your history of family illness, and your lifestyle. In case of any complications, your doctor will recommend an ideal treatment as per your medical record.

2. Helps Manage, Review, and Update Medication

An annual visit to the doctor’s office will help your healthcare provider know what medication works for you. Doctors also ensure that your current prescription does not interfere with supplements or OTC drugs. You also get to receive advice on new medication for any existing condition. And if your prescription has side effects, you can let your doctor know.

A physical exam also updates you on the most recent vaccinations. Remember, it is better to be vaccinated than to be treated for a disease. If you have not received an essential vaccine, a medical professional can recommend it. In the long run, you also save money you would have spent on treatment.

3. Helps in Building a Good Relationship with Your Healthcare Provider

Do not overlook the benefits of a strong doctor-patient relationship. The trust between you two will go a long way. For one, your physician will have a comprehensive health record to track your progress. And if you have any issues, they will know how to improve your health.

Next, you are guaranteed quality medical services. A bond with your doctor will keep you relaxed, knowing you’re in safe hands. Again, it is generally easier to accept and act on advice about your health from a familiar and qualified physician.

4. Cancer Screening

Cancer is sadly a common health complication. Depending on your age, gender, and family history, your doctor will know what to screen. If the condition is detected during its early stages, the chances of treating it increase. You also get to avoid the overwhelming health effects it has. If your family has a history of cancer, your healthcare provider will recommend how to prevent it.

You should visit your medical service provider regularly to keep track of your well-being. These visits allow your doctor to offer guidance, catch ailments on time, update prescriptions, and review your medical appointments. Furthermore, you get to build a bond that gives you access to a medical professional, which can be quite useful in an emergency. So the next time you want to skip the annual trip to your healthcare provider, think twice!