Top 5 Reasons to See a Primary Care Doctor Annually

Published On: March 30, 2021Categories: Uncategorized

When was the last time you went to your primary physician for a check-up? No matter how healthy you currently are, it’s a good idea to get a thorough examination once a year.

It’s even more important to do it if you’re an athlete. However, it would be best if you had a physician familiar with sports medicine. The physician can do a complete physical and let you know your current health status.

Below are five reasons to visit your primary care doctor today.

1. Longer Life Expectancy

Life expectancy highly depends on your current health status. If you want to live a longer and more fulfilling life, it’s crucial to see your doctor once a year for a complete physical. During this examination, they can give a general assessment of where you are health-wise and what you need to do to maintain, or even better, your health.

But, when you opt to go for years without such physicals, it’s not possible to know how your body is changing. Also, you can’t get ahead of issues like colon and prostate cancer through early screening and start managing chronic illnesses.

2. Preventive Care Leads to Fewer Bills

Every primary care doctor will tell you that prevention is cheaper than treatment. During the check-up, they run several tests that are geared towards advising you on preventive care. They can help you prevent developing potential chronic illnesses like high blood pressure or diabetes. That way, your overall cost of health care service remains minimal throughout your life.

3. Get Some Answers

Perhaps you have a few questions you’d like to ask the doctors but are short on time. You can save all of them and get some answers during your annual physical. The sports medicine physician will most likely have the answers for you.

However, if they don’t have the full explanations, they can refer you to an expert in the field. Getting such a referral saves you lots of time because you won’t have to start searching for one in your area. All you do is book an appointment, for instance, with the best dermatologist and go in to see them.

4. Get a Family Doctor

After visiting your resident medical professional, you can introduce them to your family. From then on, the doctor becomes part of your family and the first person to see when there’s a medical issue.

Honestly, when you have such a relationship, getting medical care for your family becomes easier. Kids also learn to be more comfortable around such doctors. They don’t get scared or nervous when you take them for check-ups or when they fall ill.

5. Clear Medical History

Your physician has clear records of your medical history. The information is vital when doing follow-ups or during emergencies.

A good primary care doctor can provide a detailed account of your health status going back some years. But, the only catch is you go in for your annual check-ups and keep up with immunizations.

Health care services are a crucial part of life. That’s why you need to see your primary physician once a year for a complete physical. Remember, it is also an important part of sports medicine and can help prolong your career and help prevent certain injuries. If you are looking for a sports medicine or primary care doctor in West Orange, NJ, contact Care Station Medical Group, and we’ll be glad to help.