When Urgent Care is the Solution

Published On: July 14, 2021Categories: Uncategorized
When something is a dire emergency, and we need care, we know that 9-1-1 could be just around the corner, but for many people, it’s simply not necessary to call them.

Since the proliferation of urgent care centers, even moderately serious health scares, such as broken bones or high fevers, can be effectively treated without going to the hospital. By being aware of all the benefits that urgent care centers can provide, you’ll be able to fix your woes without taxing the healthcare system or your wallet. Keep reading to learn more about why urgent care centers can be the best option for you.

Treatment That You Need

Around 97% of patients who visit urgent care centers are in the right place for the treatment they need. Only 3% of urgent care visitors need to be diverted to emergency departments. Urgent care centers can take care of many health issues. A nurse practitioner or other medical professional at an urgent care will very likely be able to treat any of your symptoms. The numbers don’t lie on this front, and you’ll be able to fix the problem at an urgent care center without incurring other expenses or stressing yourself out.

You Won’t Take Up Needed Space

Urgent care centers are usually the most practical places to go if you’re feeling sick. Since urgent care centers have not been around that long, this is an easy thing to forget, and we don’t blame you for defaulting on going to the hospital or emergency room. But be aware that hospital space and beds in the ER are needed for patients who require critical care. Instead of taking up space to fix an issue that isn’t life threatening, go to urgent care instead and save the space at the hospital for those in critical need.

Less Stressful and Expensive

Urgent care centers tend to be located in convenient locations. They are usually modern in design and have a good amount of medical equipment and space to help a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. Because they don’t have the expenses and liability of a formal hospital and the staff to go along with it, they tend to be less stressful to patronize and much less expensive.

It’s OK to be Cautious

When you’re feeling sick, know that it’s OK to go to an urgent care center to get your problem looked at. For most scenarios, you’ll be home within a couple of hours and feeling much better. Instead of having to go through the time-consuming experience of being admitted to a hospital, visit urgent care instead.

If It’s Not Life Threatening, Try Urgent Care First

Urgent care fills the gap between the emergency room and getting an appointment with your primary care doctor. The medical professionals that staff these offices are competent and highly trained, leading them to treat a wide variety of maladies. Once you’re feeling better, you’ll be glad that you didn’t take up valuable hospital space for someone requiring critical care at the ER. No matter when you need care, including evenings and weekends, visit the caring professionals at Care Station Medical.