You May Have to Digitally Confirm a Negative COVID-19 Test Before Flying

Published On: August 16, 2021Categories: Uncategorized
Did you know that you may have to confirm a negative Covid-19 test digitally before flying? This policy exists on both international and domestic flights, and the digital verification is through scanning the QR code on your Covid certificate. Scanning these codes will prove effective in limiting the spread of the virus through air travel while simplifying the entire verification process, saving significantly on time and resources. For eligibility, the results must be from an approved laboratory. Here is everything you may need to know about the digital confirmation of your Covid status and its impact on the travel industry.

The CommonPass App

The CommonPass app is a platform developed to assist in scanning, analyzing, and storing these QR scans from various travelers. The primary goal of this app is to smoothen global travel while limiting the exposure of the virus to passengers, and Cathay Pacific and United Airlines are responsible for its testing. It verifies that all the passenger’s covid tests are negative and comply with all the entry requirements for their destination.

Testing the app is currently underway as United Airways uses passengers moving between New York and London to test its effectiveness and functionality. Cathay Pacific is testing the app using passengers traveling between Singapore and Hong Kong, and if all goes well, the system gets adopted to additional routes and airlines. The app will help eliminate specific travel barriers and mandatory quarantines for travelers by ensuring administration can trust Covid-19 tests and vaccine records.

The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum are the principal founders of this excellent app, and plans are underway for its functioning to include vaccination records. Its programming is open to specific adjustments to meet the restrictions enacted by a particular administration to control coronavirus.

Clears Health Pass App

Clears is another revolutionary app that made air travel to Hawaii easier. All travelers over 18 years can verify their negative Covid tests and other related paperwork through the Clears app and get an opportunity to the safe travel program in Hawaii. The app is only functional for individuals traveling from any mainland US airport to Hawaii and plans to include other routes are underway.

According to the company, the following route to implement this program is for flights between Honolulu and Los Angeles for specific airlines. Its mission is to promote safe travel into Hawaii while proving that international travel can feature a frictionless experience despite the devastating pandemic.

Does a Negative Report from a Self-Test Count?

Air travelers whose destination is US territory can use a home test kit to test their covid status, and the results are eligible at any mainland airport. However, the equipment must meet the following requirements:

    • It must be a SARS-CoV-2 viral test authorized by the US emergency use authorization from the FDA.
    • A telehealth feature needs to be integrated into the procedure for real-time supervision either through audio or video.
    • Confirmation of the individual’s identity is a must by the telehealth provider, and provide a report meeting the requirements of CDC.
    • Airline operators must be able to confirm the person’s identity and validate the eligibility of the test results before boarding.

If the test results are positive, the telehealth provider should counsel the individual on the right approach. Complete isolation, according to state regulations, is one way to go about it, while urgent care is ideal for severe scenarios.

Must the Documentation Be in English?

Airline operators need to review and confirm your test results and other relevant information before allowing traveling access, making translation necessary for these purposes. It means that passengers should present their documents in a language that these officials can comprehend, and most entities prefer English. For papers presented in languages other than English, kindly confirm with the airline before traveling to avoid hiccups.

When Do I Need to Get a Covid Test for US Travel?

The CDC advises that you get tested no more than three days before the departure of your flight to the US. It would also help to ensure that you use a viral test and get the results and necessary documentation for proof before the traveling day.

Digital confirmation of negative covid tests is among the many revolutionary trends that aim to change international travel during this pandemic. The apps mentioned in this article prove effective in analyzing your negative test results, increasing trust among all the involved parties. Contact us for more updates on the relationship between air travel and Covid 19, or to schedule a COVID test.