5 Reasons Rapid COVID Testing Is Important When You Feel Sick

Published On: April 4, 2022Categories: Uncategorized

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced that global and public health should be our foremost concern when it comes to protecting ourselves from disease. Protecting everyone in your home and community from contracting COVID-19 limits the spread of the virus, and through rapid COVID testing, the antigens of the virus can be detected in minutes.

Prevent Everyone You Live With From Getting Sick

Attending school with masks and working remotely decreases the number of diseases contracted in the household by limiting their exposure to sick individuals. When family members are coming down with colds less often, extra precautions must be taken when someone does experience COVID-related symptoms. Taking a COVID rapid test at the first sign of symptoms — or earlier, after the moment of potential exposure — will allow you to identify whether or not there are any concerns about the virus spreading around the home.

Rapid Testing Takes Only Minutes

Rapid COVID testing products are able to provide a response in 15 minutes. With only a couple of minutes of preparation, a visit to the doctor is a far greater inconvenience.

You Can Stock Up on Rapid Tests for Your Home

Rapid tests can be purchased at your local pharmacy or drug store. The convenience of testing at home allows you to quarantine from the rest of the household if you choose until you receive your results. It is recommended that you still visit your primary care doctor at least once a year for regular checkups and physicals. Home rapid tests are also available online.

It Is Less Expensive Than Booking an Appointment

According to Experity, in December of 2020, more than 70% of urgent care visits were COVID-19 related. Now, there’s an easier option for those wondering if they have COVID. BinaxNOW tests include two kits for rapid COVID testing and are currently sold at $23.99, making them the most affordable option — and the one with the least paperwork.

Many Rapid Tests Provide Extremely Accurate Results

The BinaxNOW test kits deliver accurate results 87% of the time. Inaccurate results may occur from following the directions improperly or testing outside the 36-48 hour window where the virus is most likely to be identified.

Early testing is the most important detail when you exhibit symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. Prepare your living space with rapid COVID testing kits and follow the instructions exactly to receive accurate results. For more information on home tests or COVID, reach out to the experts at Care Station Medical Group.