The Top 3 Reasons to See a Primary Care Doctor Annually

Published On: June 3, 2022Categories: Uncategorized
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Prevention is traditionally better than curing symptoms. If you are able, it is advised that you visit your primary care physician every year. Accidents happen, but with routine consultation from your primary care doctor, you can stay ahead of your health and live a full life. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 85% of adults have visited their doctors in the past year, since the summer of 2021. Here are three reasons to keep up with your checkups.


Early detection can be a literal life saver for people who develop certain cancers. Screenings for colon cancer, breast cancer, and even diseases like diabetes can improve the patient’s likelihood of recovery when given ample time to act before symptoms set in. A referral appointment with an ophthalmologist or gastroenterologist can take a couple of weeks, so the earlier the screening, the earlier the appointment, and, therefore, the better chance you have of painless, quick treatment.

Vision and Hearing Tests

It is not uncommon for both vision and hearing to diminish with age. The earlier hearing or vision loss is noticed, the faster methods can be put in place to prevent further degeneration. There are measures you can take in your own life without medication, such as limiting exposure to loud noises and music or spending less time each day in front of a screen and more outside. Identifying these occurrences early will only benefit you and your family because you will be given time to address and accept them before taking action.

Everyday Illness Assessments

Diseases as simple as a common cold are valid reasons to visit your primary care services. If chronic symptoms appear out of nowhere, no matter how minimal, they could be indicative of something else going on inside your body. Consulting with a professional is the best way to consider every possibility and get you started on the road to recovery or prevention. The same goes for sudden allergies or newfound pain in the body. They too point to something larger.

Contact your primary care doctor today to book an appointment if you have gone some time without one. If it’s more convenient for you, ask if your doctor offers telehealth or telemedicine services if you wish to start out simple!