When Should You Go To Urgent Care?

Published On: January 4, 2023Categories: Uncategorized

Facing health issues can be scary. Many times, people will see their health issues and head to the nearest hospital or doctor’s office without realizing there is a better way to receive the care they need. Walk-in urgent care centers are usually your best bet when it comes to receiving quick and quality healthcare. According to the Urgent Care Association of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report, there are 7,357 urgent care centers in the United States. That means there are plenty of places for you to get your same-day care without the hassle of working with a hospital. Here are a few signs that urgent care is a better choice than the other medical centers around you.


Urgent care centers are known for having a wide variety of doctors, ranging from family physicians to radiology technicians. This range of expertise allows urgent care centers to provide the best medical care possible for minor illnesses and injuries. Urgent care centers offer care for illnesses such as the cold and the flu. They offer relief from fevers, sore throats, coughs, and allergies.

They also can assist with more intensive illnesses, such as ear infections, strep throat, urinary tract infections, abscesses, and general infections. Serious diseases like Lyme disease can also be treated at urgent care. On top of everything, they have the equipment needed for lab testing and scans for any potential illnesses you may have, like EKG machines and IVs.


Many people would not expect an urgent care center to be capable of caring for broken bones. However, that lies under their injury expertise. Broken bones, strains, and sprains are all treatable in an urgent care center, and they have the radiology technology to scan and confirm your injury before treatment.

These centers also have the ability and supplies to treat burn wounds and heat exhaustion, frostbite, cuts, scrapes, bites, and stings from exposure to wildlife or man-made materials. Surprisingly, urgent care centers even provide pediatric care for both illnesses and injuries. This will save you the trouble of bringing a child into a chaotic medical center.


Keep you and your family safe and bring them to an urgent care center when an injury or illness arises. Call Care Station Medical Group to see if they can help you with your healthcare needs today.