Working With a Primary Care Doctor Through Your COVID Issues

Published On: January 10, 2023Categories: Uncategorized
primary care doctor

Seeing your primary care doctor on a regular basis is essential for anyone who wants to stay on top of routine check-ups and miscellaneous health concerns. According to the CDC, 84.9% of adults have visited their primary care doctor or another healthcare professional in the last year. The problem is, not everyone has a primary doctor, or even understands how to get started with seeing one. The need for a regular primary doctor increased as COVID issues became more prevalent and many primaries are now well-versed and extremely sensitive to your COVID testing needs. If you’re looking to connect with a new primary care doctor to assist you through this time, here are a few things to look forward to!

1. Long-Term Care

Everyone experiences the symptoms of COVID differently depending on their existing health background and comorbid concerns. Some unfortunate victims end up with Long-COVID, which is a simple way to say that the symptoms of this virus stick with the person for a very long time. A primary care doctor can understand your medical history and work with your current issues to figure out the best plan of action to get you back to your normal, healthy self!

2. Preventative Measures

When you stick with the same doctor over a long period of time, you’re able to work with them to take any preventative health measures you’re comfortable with. Taking into account any high-risk factors you may possess, a primary care doctor will most likely recommend a vaccine to protect against COVID, or alternatively, work with you to find further or different preventative measures. This could include alerting you to any health concerns such as obesity and suggesting lifestyle changes to combat these issues.

3. Consistent Communication

When you don’t have a consistent network of healthcare professionals looking out for you, you might be in the dark regarding your own health. Seeing a primary care doctor allows you to get frequent updates on any tests, charts, and changes to your health so you can feel comfortable in any situation. After taking a COVID test, your doctor will most likely contact you directly to discuss further necessary steps, as opposed to getting the update from a robotic message.

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