Health Monitoring Tools Every Home Should Have

Published On: March 15, 2023Categories: Uncategorized

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of new products to measure everything from your steps to your body fat percentage. The pandemic has reinforced the essential role of taking preventative measures to avoid getting sick, which includes being proactive with home health monitoring. While every health tool may not be necessary, many of them can be very helpful to have in your home.

Weight Scales

Scales are one of the most common tools that people will have in their homes. Although they might not be used routinely, they are a great thing to have on hand. When used appropriately, a scale can support a healthy lifestyle and provide a key indicator when not getting enough exercise or good nutrition. However, please keep in mind that slight weight changes are normal. If you are concerned and want a more exact analysis of your weight changes, make an appointment with your primary care doctor or visit our urgent care center.


Thermometers are a great way to check for signs of a fever. Digital thermometers are evolving to be instant, accurate, and completely non-invasive. Since fevers could be an indication of a virus, bacterial infection, an inflammatory disease, or other medical conditions that may require treatment, it is important to contact your primary care doctor if an adult has a fever over 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blood Pressure Cuff

This apparatus is very relevant for those people suffering from high BP (hypertension) or low BP (hypotension), as they are advised to check their blood pressure on a daily basis and report it to their doctors. It is key for measuring how your blood pressure changes over time.

Pulse Oximeter

This device is vital in this time of the spread of coronavirus. It is a small device that resembles tweezers to press a finger. It measures the levels of oxygenation in the blood and heart rate. Under normal conditions, the average person’s result should fall in a range of percentages between 95 and 98.

These technological health products are important to have on hand to monitor your health at home. If you have any concerns about your health, call our primary care provider or visit our urgent care center. Our proactive approach to managing your care allows us to maintain your health and identify problems when they are early and more treatable.