Skip the Emergency Room: 3 Reasons to Go to Urgent Care Instead

Published On: March 2, 2020Categories: Uncategorized

Many people don’t understand the wide range of issues that can be treated at an urgent care center. And one of the last things you would think you can do at urgent care is seeing a dermatologist.

Whether you have a rash, eczema, or even a mole that needs to be looked at, seeing a dermatologist at an urgent care facility is far easier, faster, and more convenient than going to the emergency room. In many cases, it’s even faster than making an appointment with a dermatology doctor.

No one is ever excited when it’s time to seek healthcare. Still, it’s one of the unfortunate inevitabilities of life. When the time comes to see a doctor, it’s important to keep in mind that you have options for where you go. You could go to the emergency room at your local hospital; you could call and schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or your local physician; or you could stop at the nearest urgent care center. The latter option is frequently overlooked. Luckily, urgent care centers are popping up all across the country, making this option easier than ever. Here are three great reasons to make the change to urgent care today.


With urgent care centers scattered across the country, it is easy for someone who is on the move to pop in unannounced and receive excellent care. Urgent care is the one-stop-shop for many of the most common non-emergency issues that people face every day.


It’s no secret that ER bills can be astronomical. When it comes to medical treatment, it is important to value the health and wellness of yourself over the cost of care. Luckily with the use of an urgent care center, you can receive the care that you need without breaking the bank. Urgent care bills average between $100 and $200, while ER bills average over $500.

Wait Time

According to the Urgent Care Association, 90% of all urgent care centers provide their patients with a wait time of 30 minutes or less. When you’re just looking to drop in to see a dermatologist and have a rash checked out, going to urgent care is far more efficient than making an appointment with a specialist.

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