Urgent Care for a Rash: When it’s Needed

Published On: November 10, 2020Categories: Uncategorized
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When you have a skin condition, you can often wait to see an expert dermatologist for care. However, some situations might result in the need of urgent care: sometimes, a rash that won’t stop spreading or serious skin conditions can leave you in pain. In these cases, it’s important to rely on urgent care centers for help.

An urgent care facility in your area can treat you quickly and provide you with an expert dermatologist who can help you best. Here are signs your skin issue needs rapid attention, which you can get at an urgent care center.

Your Rash Is Accompanied by a Fever

If you have a skin condition that is accompanied by a fever or swelling, get to a walk-in urgent care clinic right away. This could be a sign that you’re experiencing an even more serious health issue. You should also go to an urgent care clinic with a rash if you are experiencing difficulties breathing, have dizziness, or are experiencing any other serious signs of respiratory distress.

Your Rash Is Very Painful

When you have a very painful rash, your dermatologist needs to know about it. Your rash may be caused by an allergic reaction or a serious virus, such as shingles. If your rash is making it hard for you to move, eat, or drink like normal you should see an expert dermatologist at your local urgent care center. No rash should impact your quality of life to that extreme.

Your Rash Has No Known Origin

Have you had your rash for a while now and no one, not even your primary care doctor, can determine what is causing it? You can get the diagnosis and treatment you need by seeking out an expert dermatologist via your local urgent care clinic.

You can have a biopsy done on your rash to see what it is and if there are any underlying causes that are making it appear or worsening its condition. Your expert dermatologist can treat you in the urgent care clinic or can refer you to a private office for further care.

When you have a rash or other skin condition, seeking care at your local urgent care clinic can be a great help to you. Many people go to urgent care clinics over traditional emergency rooms because the wait times are considered to be shorter and the convenience of care is thought to be better. An expert dermatologist can treat you and help you feel better, even if you have had your rash and symptoms related to it for some time.