How to Prepare for Your Dermatology Appointment

Published On: March 8, 2021Categories: Uncategorized

Skin issues are an ever-present concern for a large portion of Americans. 40% of the global population consider themselves to have characteristics of sensitive skin. You may have to visit an expert dermatologist to accurately determine the skin issue that you may have and how to treat it.

The American Association of Dermatology estimates that there are over 9600 dermatologists and 7800 dermatology practices in the US. From routine skin cancer screenings to acne treatment, the dermatologist at the urgent care clinic can help you attain optimal skin health.

After picking the right West Orange dermatologist for you, a little preparation is necessary to make the most out of your appointment. It may also make you feel confident of the treatment plan and attain the results that you desire. Here are five smart tips that can help you get ready for your dermatology appointment.

1. Write Your Questions Down

Most patients may have a specific concern that they wish the Linden dermatologist to look at. However, some may have multiple skin issues that the doctor needs to address. It is advisable to make a concise list of questions on the concerns that you would wish to prioritize. Crafting the questions can help you organize your thoughts while at the urgent care center, allowing you to relay an accurate and clear story of your skin issue progression.

2. Bring in Your Pictures

Photography is a huge asset for dermatology in today’s modern world. Do not hesitate to carry some photos depicting your skin issue. In the period before you finally see the dermatologist, take daily or weekly photos of your skin. The pictures can help the doctors to track how the rash progressed for a more accurate diagnosis.

3. Make a List of All Acne Medications That You Are On

You may need to carry your skin medical records with you. Your medical history on treatments that worked or did not work can help the medical professional to find the right treatment for you. Your dermatologist may also need to know any prescription medications that you may be using. It is advisable to mention the over-the-counter drugs and skincare products that you may be on. Creating a list can help you not miss out on any medication or product.

4. Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing

The dermatologist will more often than not require to see the skin beyond the area of concern. They may request a full-body exam after identifying certain spots. Therefore, it is advisable to put on loose clothing that you can easily remove for the examination. If you have test results from your previous doctor, carry them with you.

5. Go Bare

Whenever possible, refrain from wearing make-up or too much moisturizing cream and lotion. It is much easier for the dermatology expert to see what’s going on in your skin. The layers and foundation or tanning lotions may hinder the examination.

If you are heading out for your first dermatology appointment, you may need to be fully prepared. The five tips above can help you make the most out of the visit. If you wish to book a dermatologist appointment in New Jersey, call Care Station Medical or request a callback through our website.