Why Urgent Care Does It Best

Published On: July 6, 2021Categories: Uncategorized
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Nobody likes feeling ill or unwell, and we’d all prefer to be at 100% if we can. But sometimes that’s just not the way that life works out, and you’ve got to make a decision: do you tough it out or go see someone about it? We hope that you choose the smart answer and get a second opinion at an urgent care center or your doctor’s office. Not only will you be able to rest easier knowing that you’ve taken care of the problem, but it will be done the right way the first time.

In case you’re not aware that urgent care facilities exist, now you know about a better solution than calling 9-1-1 or driving to the ER. For most common injuries and infections, urgent care will be able to take care of your medical problems without a hassle. Once you’re aware of all the services they provide, you’ll never have to worry about a medical mishap ever again.

Faster and Friendlier Than the ER

According to the Urgent Care Association’s 2017 Benchmarking Report Summary, 90% of all urgent care centers provided wait times of 30 minutes or less for patients to see healthcare providers. That’s less than even some primary care offices, which means that if you have a skin disease and need to see an expert dermatologist immediately, you’ll be able to get in and get out without much issue and finally experience some relief. Instead of having to wait around in the emergency room and have a panic attack at the trauma happening around you, the waiting room at an urgent care center is usually more relaxed and comforting. Not only is this simply a nicer environment to wait to see a doctor in, but it can actually be the start of the healing process.

Highly Educated and Capable (Or They’ll Recommend Someone Else)

Many of the people that work in urgent care centers have broad specialties to treat a wide variety of ailments. This means that whether you come in with a broken arm or a poison ivy rash on your leg, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be able to be treated right then and there. But if someone is out of their capacity to handle, and you need to be routed to an expert dermatologist for additional screening, they’ll be able to recommend someone who’s perfect for you. The clinic staff at urgent care centers are educated, capable, and well connected to other professionals that will be able to help you sooner rather than later. This can be a huge benefit to someone who’s been struggling with a rare or chronic condition.

Access to Telehealth/Virtual Services

One of the unique attributes of urgent care centers that have come to prominence in recent years is their ability to have access to virtual medicine. This means that you can go to an urgent care center in your local area and potentially be connected with a doctor somewhere else who can help out in the present situation. If your urgent care provider doesn’t know how to diagnose or treat a skin condition that you’re experiencing, they can remotely call an expert dermatologist to help out with your situation and tell the provider what they recommend. With access to virtual services such as this, you can get quality care no matter where you are!

Urgent Care: More Than Meets the Eye

You may have driven by urgent care centers numerous times and barely batted an eye. To the casual observer, they may seem like a primary care physician’s office or some sort of medical establishment. But in reality, they’re little hubs of relief when you’re in distress or trouble. Not only do the people that work in urgent care centers have the training to treat a wide variety of ailments quickly, but they also have access to virtual health services to call for help (such as expert dermatologists or women’s health providers) so that your problem can be solved effectively the first time. Urgent care centers tend to have a calmer environment than emergency rooms, and you’ll almost always have friendly service. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to urgent care, and that’s a good thing!